Currency USD
Infant Seat Alamo features child restraint systems that conform to government standards. The is a rear-facing seat recommended for infants 5-20 lbs.
Rate/Day $5,00
Child Safety Seat Alamo features child restraint systems that conform to government standards. The convertible seat is designed for infants and toddlers.
Rate/Day $5,00
Child Booster Seat N/A
Rate/Day N/A
GPS Navigation Device Need help getting around? Try one of our GPS navigation devices that are now available for rent.
Rate/Day $8,00
Cellular Phone Cellular phone is available upon request
Rate/Day $3,00
Luggage Rack N/A
Rate/Day N/A
Ski Rack N/A
Rate/Day N/A
Snow Chains N/A
Rate/Day N/A
Collision Damage Waiver Collision Damage Waiver-Theft Protection (CDW-TP) is not insurance. The purchase of CDW-TP is optional and not required in order to rent a vehicle.

You may purchase optional CDW-TP for an additional fee. If you purchase CDW-TP, we agree, subject to the actions listed on the rental agreement that invalidate CDW, to contractually waive your responsibility for all or part of the cost of damage to, loss or theft of the vehicle.

A deductible of 20% of the vehicle value applies, with a maximum deductible up to $5000. If CDW-TP is declined, renter is responsible for the full value of damage to the vehicle.
Rate/Day $11 Compact
$20 Midsize and above

$1000 - Economy 4-door, Standard Pickup
$2000 - Compact, Economy, Fullsize, Intermediate, SUV, Vans and other Pickups
Collision Damage Waiver (Option 2)
Rate/Day N/A
Theft Protection Theft Protection is Included in Collision Damage Waiver
Rate/Day Included
Deductible Protection (DP) Deductible Protection (DP) may be purchased as an additional protection along with the CDW-TP and PLI. DP will reduce the renter's Collision Damage Waiver-Theft Protection and Third Party Liability deductible to $0.
Rate/Day $20,00
Third Party Liability Primary Liability Coverage (PLI) The purchase of Primary Liability Coverage (PLI) is mandatory.

PLI provides you with minimum financial responsibility limits as outlined in the applicable motor vehicle financial responsibility laws of the country where the vehicle is operated.

PLI provides liability coverage of up to approximately $20,000 USD per accident and $ 5,000 USD for personal injury or up $10,000 USD for two additonal people injured.

PLI has a deductible of 20% of total damage to third party
Rate/Day $12,99
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) N/A
Rate/Day N/A
Roadside Assistance Protection N/A
Rate/Day N/A
Tire & Windshield Protection (TWP) N/A
Rate/Day N/A
Additional Protections N/A
Rate/Day N/A
Additional Driver All additional drivers must meet all rental requirements.
Additional drivers must appear at the rental counter with the primary renter.
Additional drivers must sign the rental agreement.
An additional daily fee may apply for any Additional Drivers.

The additional driver can only be added to the contract at the pick up location.
Rate/Day $5,00
Age Requirements Minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21, and maximum rental age is 75 years
Rental rates may be higher for renters and additional drivers under the age of 25
Rate/Day $10,00
Cross Border Policy Unrestricted driving within Nicaragua. Renters wishing to visit Costa Rica must prearrange at time of rental, for a vehicle exchange at the Nicaragua/Costa Rica border. A three (3) day minimum notice is required. Upon vehicle exchange at the border, the original agreement is closed and a second rental agreement is issued by Alamo Costa Rica (same rate is applied). A vehicle exchange fee totaling $50 USD is assessed; $25 charged by Nicaragua when the original agreement is closed plus $25 charged by Costa Rica when the new agreement is opened. When the renter returns to Nicaragua, the same process applies plus an additional $50 exchange fee. Renters not planning to return to Nicaragua must notify the rental location in Nicaragua when prearranging the vehicle exchange.
Oneway rentals All one way rentals must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. One way charges apply and are payable at time of rental. One way charges cannot be prepaid.
Renter Requirement Must meet the location's minimum age requirements.

Present a valid driver's license.

Present a major credit card in renter's name at the time of rental

Payment Policy Credit card, with available credit and in the renter's name, must be presented. The signature on the back must match the name imprinted on the card. In addition, if the renter has an online transaction, the number and name printed on the card presented by renter must match the name and number stored for the online transaction.

Credit Cards Honored: American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA®

An authorization on the credit card in the amount of $1000 plus the cost of the rental will be taken at the time of rental. This authorization amount may be used toward damages of vehicles or late charges.

Debit/check cards are considered to be any non-credit card American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA®, Diners Club®, Discover® logo. Debit/Check cards are not accepted at this location.

Cash is not accepted at this location.
Refueling Policy As a customer, you have a choice as to how you would like to pay for fuel.

Option 1- We Refill
This option allows the renter to pay Alamo at the end of the rental for gas used but not replaced. Price per gallon will be higher than local fuel prices. A 50% surcharge will apply.

Option 2- You Refill
This option allows the renter to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas to avoid extra fuel charges.
Special Equipment Child Safety Seat- $3.00 per day

Cellular Phone - $3.00 per day
Fleet Mix Toyota
Languages Spoken Spanish & English
Driving Side of the Road Right
Advanced reservation 24 Hours
Maximum Rental 60 Days
Frequent Flyer Yes
Freesell 14 days on Compact. All other car types: No Freesale Available
Delivery & Collection Delivery and Collection not available. Customer can pre-arrange pick-up and drop off of vehicle in advance

Customer must contact the rental office directly upon arrival

Pick-up/drop off is available at no additional cost for 0-2 miles
Pick-up/drop off is available at a cost of $20 for 3-15 miles

Pick-up/drop off is is available at a cost of $30 for 15 miles or beyond
After Hours N/A
Roadside Assistance Available 24 hours: Customer must call (505) 8855-6970 or (505) 2277-1117. In the case of an accident/incident, customer must contact police and complete a police report at time of accident/incident.
Surcharges Airport Fee (ARPT) $10 per rental
License Plate Fee (VREG) $1 per day
Environmental Fee (OPTL) $0.40

Taxes State Tax (STAX) 15%
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